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    venturi Scrubber


Venturi scrubbers use high energy impaction of liquid droplets to remove particulate from contaminated air streams. Apzem type venturi is designed as a major eye on pressure drop and contact time it gives higher destructive efficiency. Apzem scrubber has venturi shaped chamber with converging and diverging sections.Water is injected at low pressure into the throat of the venturi through which the gas stream passes at high velocities.

The energy from the gas atomizes the liquid, allowing particles and pollutants to be entrained in droplets.It is typically works as the dusty exhaust gas enters into the Apzem venturi Scrubber Inlet via ductwork from the process/emission source,Radial Liquid Feed Pipes introduce more scrubbing liquid to ensure complete coverage of the round cross-section Venturi Throat.In the Mixing/Collision zone particulate is captured in the scrubbing liquid droplets created by the exhaust gas stream accelerated in the Venturi Scrubber.Pressure drop across the Venturi Throat determines the collection efficiency achievable. Higher pressure drops allow greater collection efficiency. To accommodate fluctuating exhaust gas volumes, a damper is used to adjust the throat cross-sectional area to maintain operating pressure drop. The gas/liquid mixture turns and enters the Cyclonic Separator Inlet where it is accelerated into the spin zone.

The entrained scrubbing liquid with captured particulate is removed via centrifugal force and drains to the bottom recycle sump section of the Separator vessel. The scrubbing liquid with captured particulate drains to the Recycle Pump for recirculation back to the Venturi feed pipes while a small portion is removed for disposal or treatment.Cleaned exhaust gas exits the flanged Separator Outlet connection.

Apzem venturi scrubber provides effectively collects sub-micron particles as well as coarser particles at lower pressure drop, designs to meet any desired particulate removal efficiency, works without spray nozzles or jets that can cause clogging, adjustable throat dampers maintain constant removal efficiency at fluctuating gas volumes, resists corrosion or abrasion via alloy materials and linings, operate reliably with a proven record of minimal maintenance year after year.In order to meet your requirement Apzem provides various types of construction materials such as Mild Steel / SS 304 / SS316 / FRP / PP / PVC.This Apzem packed bed type scrubber is specifically gives more efficient on the application Chemical industries, Pulp and paper industries, Petrochemical industries,Steel making,Corn Processing Facilities,Food Manufacturing,Pharmaceutical industries,Fertilizer production and processing industries,Machining and Grinding exhaust,Fiberglass & Composite Industries,Utility Boilers,Foundries and Metal Finishing Operations.The cleaned air is then discharged to the atmosphere and the contaminated scrubbing liquor is either disposed of in an approved manner or chemically treated and recycled. In some cases, the collected contaminants can be recovered and reused in the original or other processes.

Apzem has a strong team of consultants and engineers having deep knowledge in design and commissioning of scrubber across various industries. Feel free to contact us, Apzem will assist you in selecting the efficient and economical scrubber to your specific process and pollution control needs.

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Technical Specifications

Longer filter life

Simple Design

Low Cost

Low Noise Level and energy saving

Food Processing

Grain, Agricultures and feeds

Wood Working

Boiler and Furnance

All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.

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